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Strides to Recover Deleted/ Blocked Gmail Account

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Gmail Support Team keeps your mails secured. However, if you have some gmail technical issues (Email, Attachment file, Password etc) then follow the steps appearing in the settings panel.

Instructions Our Gmail Support United Kingdom By How to Recover Gmail Account

Having a Gmail account is common these days as one can easily communicate, share information, exchange files and images in few clicks. It created awareness among people when there was no other email service in the market which is accessible on both desktops and mobile phones. You can receive emails up to 50 megabytes whereas the sending capacity is just of half of it including attachments. For inserting the files which are larger in size, can be taken from Google Drive and also has a search-oriented interface. But if you lose your account due to any reason, then it becomes a troublesome situation as you can’t check any of your mail. To recover your account, we have a squad of qualified employees, who is there to guide you diligently:

  • Do not delay as you get only two business days if you have deleted the account on your own. Even these two days are not guaranteed, so rush to execute the steps.
  • Visit the page of ‘Google Password Assistance’ and then reach the log-in page. Choose the option of ‘I have other issues logging-in’. Type your email address and proceed further.
  • After inserting the old security code, you will be taken to that page which will ask your latest password. Type it and go ahead.
  • Tap on the option of ‘submit a recovery request’. You will see a message that your account was deleted and given a link to recover it. If you do not see any link, then your account has been deleted permanently. Nothing could be done in this situation.
  • But if received the link, then verification process will be displayed in front of you. Again enter your email ID, give answers to the questions asked for your password, when you last logged-in and when the account was made.
  • If you do not have any the information, put forward your claim by explaining your situation and wait to seek a response.
  • You will be sent an email to the address you gave. Wait for few seconds to see the email and tap on the link to set a fresh password for it.
  • All your data would also get lost, so wait for some time to get that back.
  • So, finally you are directed to your deleted email account.

One more thing which can be done is to create a new account but not with that same email ID. Not apparent with the steps given, approach Gmail Support Number +44-2031-296375 to avail the better suggestions for recovering your account. They will not impede your request and provide the best solutions to your queries within a shortest possible time.