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What can be done to Recover a lost Gmail Password?

Gmail Support Service

Gmail Support Team keeps your mails secured. However, if you have some gmail technical issues (Email, Attachment file, Password etc) then follow the steps appearing in the settings panel.

Forgotten Gmail Password by Google Professional Team

Forgetting password of any account is annoying which hinders your work performance and risky if known to any other person. So, it’s a good notion to keep modifying your security code after every few months. But if you cannot recall to what you have set as your password, then following the instructions given by the experts in the subsequent lines will be helpful. But remember, if you have used your Gmail account in the past five days and haven’t mentioned the secondary address, there is a need to wait for five days.

Recovery Remedies by Gmail Technical Support UK

The first thing you should make sure is that you have a secondary email ID for your Gmail account or you have not logged into your account from past five days. Then, on the sign-in page, click on the option of ‘forgot password’. Enter your complete email address if asked to do so in the on ‘Account Support’ page and continue by clicking on ‘next’. It will ask few questions to check whether you are real owner of your account. Give the valid answers and you can even tap on ‘try a different question’ when you do not know the answers or you are not having access to secondary email ID or phone number.

The certain questions which the Google will ask are as follows-

  • Your old password- If you have changed your security code but you remember the old one, you can enter that also.
  • A two step verification process- In this, you will receive a code through a text message, an authenticating app or printed back-up codes.
  • If asked, enter your phone number given at the time of activating 2-step verification.

Through the above ways, you can easily recover your password. If you cannot find the solution of your problem from the above method, ring on the Gmail Customer Support Number +44-2031-296375 that is free of cost. They will deeply go through it and give you the relevant remedy that will help you to get back the forgotten password.